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Preserving blood, tumour and microbiome samples along with primary cell lines derived from each patient.

Cancer Genomics

Reading out the total DNA (genome) from each tumour sample of cancer patients from the local population.

Systems Medicine

Developing a ‘multi-omics’ data stack and integrating with clinical data to predict new drug targets and indications

Drug Screening

Experimental validation of results from cancer genomics by developing functional assays and drug screens.

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“This is definitely the first time we will be studying the genomes of local cancer patients at this scale and we are extremely excited at this opportunity.”


“I have been part of the historic Human Genome Project and also the C. elegans Genome Project, but our maiden effort here in Pakistan and the potential impact on cancer care and patient outcomes promises to be my most rewarding experience so far.”


It takes a village!

The Precision Medicine Lab is a joint initiative by CECOS University and Rehman Medical Institute. Located at the heart of the Phase-V Biomedical cluster in Hayatabad, Peshawar, the lab is an affiliate of the National Centre for Big data and Cloud Computing (NCBC) hosted by LUMS and supported by the Federal Government of Pakistan through the Higher Education Commission in Islamabad.

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For inquiries about student research projects, lab placements and lab visits, please email Dr Faisal Khan at faisal@cecos.edu.pk.

For partnerships and research collaborations please do not hesitate to get in touch with the PIs directly at faisal@cecos.edu.pk and johar.ali1@rmi.edu.pk.

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