Precision Medicine Lab at the Digital Youth Summit 2019

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The Digital Youth Summit (DYS) is a technology focused conference that takes place annually in Peshawar, Pakistan. Since its inception in 2014, DYS has quickly become one of the premier tech conferences in Pakistan—differentiated by its focus on youth empowerment; its ability to attract high-profile domestic and international attendees and speakers and its unique [...]

Dr Faisal Khan at the Google DevFest Peshawar 2019

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Google DevFest Peshawar 2019 is a celebration of Peshawar’s innovation with the help of technology gathering speakers, trainers, and attendees from all around the globe. It has been happening globally for years but is Peshawar's first event. PI Dr. Faisal Khan was part of the panel on 4th Industrial Revolution in Peshawar and gave an overview [...]

PI Dr. Faisal Khan becomes a part of Pakistan’s first ever National Youth Council (NYC)

By |2020-12-07T10:44:43+00:00July 1st, 2019|

Prime Minister Imran Khan has approved the establishment of the National Youth Council (NYC) for development of the youth of the country. The council which consists of 33 young professionals from diverse backgrounds are expected to play an active role in uplifting the youth of the country for their role in national development. The [...]

Dr. Johar Ali nominated as PM’s task force member on technology driven knowledge economy

By |2020-12-07T10:45:18+00:00June 14th, 2019|

The Government of Pakistan has decided to set up a task force to constitute technology driven knowledge economy in the country. Our Co-PI, Dr. Johar Ali has been selected as National Core Group member of the “Prime Minister’s task force on technology driven knowledge economy” to lead Omics. The Task Force is [...]

Dr Khan mentors at the Global Surgery Hackathon at AKU [Feb 7, 2019]

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Dr Faisal Khan, Principal Investigator, Precision Medicine Lab attended the Global Surgery Conference 2019 at the Agha Khan University last weekend where he was invited as a mentor for the Global Surgery Hackathon organised during the conference by the CCIT, a unit of creative and innovative medics, techies and artists that is trying to stitch [...]

New Positions Open! 5 reasons why you should join the Precision Medicine Lab

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New Positions Open! 5 reasons why you should join the Precision Medicine Lab The Precision Medicine is recruiting fulltime technical and non-technical staff including young scientists in the area of computer science (applied statistics, data science and machine learning), biology (molecular biology, cell culture and genomics) [...]

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