Google DevFest Peshawar 2019 is a celebration of Peshawar’s innovation with the help of technology gathering speakers, trainers, and attendees from all around the globe. It has been happening globally for years but is Peshawar’s first event.

PI Dr. Faisal Khan was part of the panel on 4th Industrial Revolution in Peshawar and gave an overview to the participants regarding genomics, data science, innovation, and entrepreneurship. He also spoke about the role of  integrating technology in Biology with reference to the Precision Medicine Lab, which is Pakistan’s first precision medicine pilot program with a focus on Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma.

He further said ” We are building an OMICS stack starting with exomes and are also looking to build a bio repository with biological samples for Oral Cancer from local patients.”

International Speaker also attended and spoke at the conference such as Javad Mushtaq, Truong Sinh, and Annie To.

Advisor to Chief Minister For Science & Technology, Mr Kamran Bangash also spoke to the event, He said, “Khyber Pakhtunkhwa govt is making the province the digital heart of the country, and for this, the KPITB is playing a good role such as Early Age Programming, Durshal and newly build workout space”