Dr Faisal Khan, Principal Investigator, Precision Medicine Lab attended the Global Surgery Conference 2019 at the Agha Khan University last weekend where he was invited as a mentor for the Global Surgery Hackathon organised during the conference by the CCIT, a unit of creative and innovative medics, techies and artists that is trying to stitch together an innovation ecosystem at AKU that is ‘hacking’ one medical problem at a time. ’This [ecosystem engineering] involves a lot of art, and science. Something which we have ben trying to hone at Peshawar 2.0 for the past 6 or so years now’, said Dr Khan.
Dr Khan also had a chance to meet the leadership of the Centre for Regenerative Medicine, leading clinical geneticists at AKU and other fellow mentors at the Hackathon which he described as very inspiring and refreshing at the same time. ‘I was impressed by how things were organised and how senior clinicians, surgeons and business leaders showed up to support and help the young teams at the Hackathon’.
‘I am very grateful to Dr Asad Mian (and his team especially Walid and Rafeh) who is the main catalyst here, and we are already running into collaborative this month for her elective in Synthetic Biology research at our labs in Peshawar’. ‘This is just the beginning’ he added.