New Positions Open! 5 reasons why you should join the Precision Medicine Lab

The Precision Medicine is recruiting fulltime technical and non-technical staff including young scientists in the area of computer science (applied statistics, data science and machine learning), biology (molecular biology, cell culture and genomics) and engineering (microfluidics).

You can apply directly using the forms on our Jobs page.

To get some insights into how the Lab intents to operate, we asked our PI, Dr Faisal Khan, why a bright young scientist really should apply to the Precision Medicine Lab. Here is how he answered with 5 reasons:

  1. Grades don’t matter! We do look at them but decisions are not made based on how much you scored on a DMC somewhere. After deep knowledge (and preferably some experience) in their domain, we cherish curious, self-driven, and creative people who have demonstrated potential and we would love to have them on board. The positions come with a lot of growth potential and we would love to help you achieve your career goals. So, we offer you a level playing field if you have anything to show us!
  2. Work with leaders in the game – I am not talking about myself or Dr Johar Ali (a veteran from the Human Genome project!) either – it’s the awesome people we are connected to and working in collaboration with at some of the top universities in the world. Hone your skills, sharpen your intellect and get into the thick of the filed with the leaders.
  3. We hack! We work like a startup and we want to grow like one. If you want to be part of fast-paced, agile and independent work environment with a hacker mindset (for problem-solving), this is the group you want to join. This is not your random academic research group with boring routines. If you are not an impact-driven hacker, this is perhaps not where you belong. And of course, all of these build on our commitment to professionalism, integrity, scientific rigor and responsible innovation.
  4. Cancer is no play. We are not setting out to build the next Angry Birds. We are talking about solving a serious health problem that has hit us hard locally (KP is the worst hit of all!) and affects millions globally. We aspire to contribute to and improve cancer care outcomes. Also, this is your chance to be part of history as we build Pakistan’s first national repository of genomic data. Since we are a lab married to a hospital, translating our findings into clinical outcomes through our partner oncologists has a much greater chance and we are extremely excited about the possibilities.
  5. Peshawar is where it’s all happening. Believe it or not, Peshawar arguably has the densest healthcare services cluster on Pakistan! And it has a growing biomedical research cluster in the middle of it. We have some of the leading biologists and their research groups in the country, some of the largest hospitals in the country, a growing startup community, lots of activity around synthetic biology (including Pakistan’s first IGEM team) and even a little bioArt community coalescing here.

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