Our PI, interviewed by MIT Technology Review Pakistan

Dr Faisal Khan, our PI has been interviewd for his pioneering work in synthetic biology in Pakistan by MIT Technology Review Pakistan. The interview featured in this month’s issue of the magazine.

Here is a snippet where he talks about genomics:

There’s this fad with genome projects that can have multiple applications, including figuring out lineages. Is that kind of work possible in Pakistan?
We have moved past the time when studying an individual’s genomes was a big deal. People are now talking about hundreds of thousands of genomes being sequenced. In the United Kingdom, their Genomics England project has set out to sequence the DNA of a 100,000 individuals from different ethnicities and disease backgrounds to understand differential patterns of variations in the genome. There are similar projects in the United States and Qatar. Luckily, we have the high-tech equipment required for such an endeavor in Pakistan as well. The Aga Khan University in Karachi and Rahman Medical Institute in Peshawar have state-of-the-art Illumina machines. At the latter, we have just received a grant to launch a Precision Medicine Lab to undertake the country’s first ever National Cancer Genome Project. We plan to sequence DNA samples from 100 cancer patients initially to improve our understanding of different types of cancers and propose more targeted (hence precision) and effective treatment options.

Full interview can be found here: http://www.technologyreview.pk/synbio-takes-centerstage/

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